Lift the slicing arm and place it into the rear locking detent position. This causes the blade guard to close completely over the blade. You are now ready to load the ham.

Hams are loaded by impaling the butt portion onto the meat spikes of the bottom chuck, (butt portion down). Make sure the butt end of the ham is securely positioned on the bottom chuck so that the bone is in between the meat spikes. Grasp the top chuck arm with your left hand and loosen the top chuck handle with your right hand. Position the shank end (top portion) of the ham so that the meat spikes surround the shank bone and force the meat spikes into the ham with the top chuck arm. Tighten the top chuck handle. After the ham is securely mounted between the top and bottom chucks you are ready to begin slicing the ham.

When slicing boneless products you must use the skewers to hold the product in place while slicing. Place the pointed end of the skewer through the center of the boneless product either by sliding downward toward the butt plate or by pushing it through the center of the boneless product with the butt plate. Place the skewered boneless product onto the Spirocutter with the butt plate down and in between the spikes of the bottom chuck. Slide the upper chuck over the pointed end of the skewered until the meat spikes are secure in the boneless product. The stop pin located on the front of the center block prevents the blade from coming in contact with the skewer.

To start slicing the ham, pull out the power/start palm switch (red switch), push the start switch and with the slicing arm handle, cause the blade to come into contact with the ham. If you are slicing a ham with the aitch bone intact, you may want to hand assist the blade until it passes the aitch bone. When the blade has passed the aitch bone, move the slicing arm into the forward detent position. The slice tension spring will allow the blade to move in and out as it moves up the bone of the ham. Because of the differences in ham sizes, cooking times, moisture content and temperatures, the Spirocutter has been equipped with a DC-speed controller. This controller allows the operator to speed or slow the ham rotation to allow each ham to be perfectly sliced.

The Spirocutter is equipped with a proximity switch to keep your blade from coming into contact with the top chuck meat spikes. It has been pre-set to shut the slicing motor off ” from the meat spikes. Due to the differences in hams you may need to manually shut off your Spirocutter before it rises to the full position. You may do this at any time by simply pushing the red power/stop palm switch. When you have completed slicing the ham grasp the slicing arm by the knob and cause the slicing arm to move into the rear detent position. The blade will drop and its descent will be caught and controlled by the cylinder located at the rear of your Spirocutter. The ham may now be removed by releasing the top chuck handle and raising the top chuck with the top chuck arm. When the meat spikes have been removed from the shank portion of the ham, lock the top chuck into the “up” position with the top chuck-locking handle. Life and remove the ham from the meat spikes of the bottom chuck.



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